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Streamline e-services by automating processes with trusted digital credentials, such as trusted licenses and documents. Optimise organisational processes, boost productivity, and improve fiscal stewardship. Empower your citizens with accessible, efficient, and intuitive public sector services.

Transform Public Sector services with Accredify​

Benefits at a glance

Digital Trust

Trusted documents build confidence in your organisation by ensuring the authenticity of publicly available information on decision-making, procurement, and other government processes.​​

Operational Excellence

Automate processes such as E2E workflows across government platforms and applications to maximise efficiency. With real-time access to the latest verified data and the provision of a paperless audit trail, you can improve operational efficiency without compromising on process integrity.​

Portability, Standardisation & Interoperability

By using data-portable formats and standardised templates, policy implementation across public & private sectors is made easy. Accredify's systems-interoperable solution also means seamless collaboration across multiple government stakeholders on complex national projects, as seen from our successful deployments on various government cloud environments, such as Singapore’s GCC.​

Robust Ecosystem

Build a robust, synergistic ecosystem across disparate government agencies with trusted documents. The data-portable nature of trusted documents enables the same data set from one government agency to be read and processed by every other stakeholder in the ecosystem. Foster greater collaboration and stakeholder alignment in your national ecosystem to create incredible value for downstream citizens and businesses.​

You’re in good hands

Transforming business-as-usual with Singapore’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)​

ACRA partnered with Accredify to make its Business Profiles and Business Certificates verifiable via its online verification portal, trustBar.

trustBar enables businesses and other stakeholders to instantly verify corporate information, either by a QR code scan or a simple drag-and-drop verifier portal. In the authentication process, verifiers can check if the document is authentic, valid, and up-to-date.

This has facilitated greater cross-border business opportunities, as businesses can save time on notarising their business profiles while overseas. In addition, it has reduced the time taken to verify an ACRA business profile from up to 15 minutes, to a mere 5 seconds. 

Safeguarding Public Health with Singapore’s Ministry of Health amidst COVID-19

As part of Singapore’s COVID-19 response, Accredify co-developed Singapore’s internationally recognised, national COVID-19 test standard, HealthCerts, together with the Ministry of Health, Temasek, and GovTech. COVID-19 test results issued in the HealthCerts standard are tamper-proof and instantly verifiable. Currently, HealthCerts is accepted across 4 continents, over 70 airlines, and in more than 200 cities.

Beyond building the required technology infrastructure to manage the pandemic, Accredify also enabled healthcare providers across Singapore to streamline COVID-19 testing and patient management with TrustTech. Accredify’s TrustTech provided an easy way for healthcare providers to issue COVID-19 test results in recognised standards, including HealthCerts, to their patients. This facilitated the resumption of cross-border travel and the safe return to business offices amidst the pandemic

Come for the transformation, stay for the partnership

Trusted by Governments

Accredify has partnered with government ministries to enhance e-services such as the provision of trusted licenses, permits, medical records, education credentials, and KYC documents. We have also been awarded the Accreditation@SGD Certificate from the Singapore Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), a government endorsement of Accredify as an enterprise-grade technology product company.​

Familiar with Public Sector

Accredify has experience working with governments in devising, creating, and implementing solutions that enhance public sector offerings. We are familiar with complex public security requirements, such as government cloud security and compliance standards, so you can rest assured that our solutions are not only effective but also built for the public sector.​

Flexible e-Services Solution

Public sector entities in any industry can use TrustTech to power their processes for greater process efficiency. A bespoke solution can even be created when a tailored approach is needed. Through API integration, Accredify’s solution can be easily integrated into legacy information systems, meaning the transformation of e-services is only a few lines of code away.​

Highest Standards of Data Protection

Data protection is Accredify’s first priority. Accredify is compliant with cybersecurity regulations and data governance policies of all local governments in the countries and states we operate in. We are also compliant with global industry privacy and security standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 22301, PCI DSS, and Singapore’s IMDA Data Protection Trustmark.​

Here’s what our clients have to say

We Take Security Seriously

Your privacy and security are our top priorities

Learn more about our stringent approach towards protecting your data,
such as our ISO 27001, 
ISO 22301, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018
certifications, IMDA Data Protection Trustmark, CSA Star 
Level 1,
and robust security management 
programme which includes a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS).

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