Trusted Digital Documents are the future

Data interactions have exploded by 5,000% in just a decade. In 2020, the world was creating 1.7MB of data every second per person. But not all data is good, and poor quality data, such as inaccurate and false information, have been estimated to cost businesses close to $15 million annually.

Trusted digital documents, being tamper-proof and verifiable, are the answer to this modern business problem. It guarantees that your business information is true-to-source and accurate, always. ​

Gear up for the future of business with trusted digital documents today.

The Applications Are Endless


Bolster business confidence with trusted digital identities that allow you to ascertain whether an individual or business entity is truly authorised to perform any specific transaction. Trusted digital identities offer the security to automate financial transactions, both online and offline, for enhanced operational efficiency.​​

Shipping & Logistics

Be guaranteed that you've received the right item with trusted digital certificates. These certificates enable the automation of accountability checks at every point of transfer, which creates an audit trail. Find true-to-source information about a shipment's origin, transits, transfers, and arrivals, on these certificates.​

Human Resources

Automate HR processes like onboarding, profile set-ups, and more, with trusted digital identities that put all your employees' corporate information into a single source of truth. Go further and perform skill-gap assessments on your workforce. Match individuals to relevant L&D opportunities to earn trusted credentials and ensure your workforce is best-in-class at all times​.​


Access trusted information of your attendees with a simple QR code scan. By being able to instantly verify key information such as a person's identity, admission details, and even COVID-19 status, you can cut back time spent on checking the admissibility of your guests.​

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We Take Security Seriously

Your privacy and security are our top priorities

Learn more about our stringent approach towards protecting your data,
such as our ISO 27001, 
ISO 22301, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018
certifications, IMDA Data Protection Trustmark, CSA Star 
Level 1,
and robust security management 
programme which includes a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS).

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