Verifiable Credential Standards

Need to issue verifiable credentials in different standards, but find that most providers only specialise in one or two standards? Do you have to work with multiple providers with these limitations, incurring additional costs and time wastage?

Well, Accredify makes everything simple. We are your one-stop shop for issuing verifiable credentials in all the standards currently available. Spend less time worrying about standards, and more time doing the work that matters to you.

Multi standard flexibility

Existing standards that can be issued with Accredify

StandardsUse Case
W3CUsed to ensure that verifiable credentials are accessible, internationally-accepted, privacy-preserving, and of the highest security standards.
EBSI Used to create cross-border services for public administrations, businesses, citizens and their ecosystems to verify information and make services trustworthy.
mDL Used to ensure driver licenses can be instantly authenticated by anyone and that it always reflects the license’s latest status, while enabling the owner to decide what information to release to a verifier.
SMART Health Card Used in issuing verifiable clinical information, such as vaccination history or test results.
OpenCerts Used in publishing verifiable education certificates and transcripts
OpenAttestation Used to issue trusted digital documents that are tamper-proof and instantly verifiable.
OpenBadges Used in issuing verifiable digital badges that contain an entire suite of information and are instantly verifiable.

Verifiable credentials can appear the way you want them to

Multi Standard Flexibility updated

Let your brand take centre stage while adhering to standards

Verifiable credential standards, simply put, are nothing more than a checklist of data points. They enable features such as instant verification and tamper-proofing.

However, verifiable credentials don’t have to look like a boring checklist. They can be presented in unique and interesting ways! Some examples include certificates and licenses, Apple and Google wallet, and digital badges!

With Accredify, these are fully customisable in design, so you can ensure your verifiable credentials appear the way you want them to!

Advantages of using Accredify

Proven Government
Track Record

Accredify has a proven track record of creating and deploying our solution on complex environments, such as Singapore’s Government Commercial Cloud, Healthcare Cloud, MINDEF Commercial Cloud, and more. Accredify is familiar with deployment on intricate cloud environments and has experience working with large government clients in Singapore, such as ACRA, CAAS, SCDF, and MOH.

Digital Trust

With tamper-proof, digitally attested, instantly verifiable trusted digital business licenses, your business ecosystem’s stakeholders can transact with peace of mind. The greater business transparency across all players within your market also enhances your ecosystem’s attractiveness to foreign businesses.


By enabling your ecosystem’s stakeholders to instantly verify and validate business licenses, your stakeholders can speed up checks and perform higher volumes of transactions in a shorter amount of time.

Security and

Your data, and your stakeholders’, are protected by industry-leading security technology and practices. We are ISO27001, ISO22301, ISO27017, ISO27018, and IMDA Data Protection Trustmark certified, and are compliant with PDPA. ​​

Multi-standard Flexibility

With Accredify, you can issue documents and credentials in multiple internationally-recognised technical standards, such as W3C, EBSI, mDL, SMART Health Card, OpenCerts, OpenAttestation, OpenBadges, and more!


Transform your ecosystem overnight with Accredify. Our system-agnostic solution is built to enable straightforward API integration with your existing data systems.

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We Take Security Seriously

Your privacy and security are our top priorities

Learn more about our stringent approach towards protecting your data, such as our ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018 certifications, IMDA Data Protection Trustmark, CSA Star Level 1, and robust security management programme which includes a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS).​

What Can We Do For You Today?

Accredify is compatible with various standards and can help you identify, recommend, and issue your verifiable credentials in the most appropriate standard. Schedule a demo to find out more!