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We’re a team that’s in the business of bettering the world with technology. Our doors are always open to talent with big ideas and even bigger dreams – because at Accredify, we can make even the impossible, possible sometimes.

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We’re firestarters. We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo. Because if “current” is not good enough, then it’s time to create the future. We challenge each other, we push each other hard, and at the end of each day, we gather round for drinks knowing we’ve given our all.
We love it when the going gets tough. We take on difficult problems because making things easy is what we do best. We lean on each other for support, knowing we have each other’s backs.
We’re dedicated to a fault. We know what we do is important, and that comes with a responsibility we don’t take lightly. But while we work hard, we play twice as hard.

Our Team, Our Priority

Employee Appreciation

All teammates are entitled to a yearly personal Wellness allowance to pursue personal wellness and development. Our complete trust in our teammates is evident in our no-questions-asked unlimited leave policy. Because we get it when you need a break. We'll cover you, until you're ready to come back.

Personal Mastery

We believe in continuous learning and development. All teammates will be given opportunities to own their projects under close mentorship. Quarterly check-ins are mandatory for managers to help the team continue excelling. We also regularly provide skills development workshops to keep everyone's skillsets diverse and up to date.


In case it wasn't already clear, we exclusively hire only the best talents. This means top performers who are also good at heart: honest, genuine, caring individuals who fit in well with the team. You'll be surrounded by people who look out for you, check in with you, and push you to be better. And if you need to remain home to work, whether for personal reasons or whether you're just feeling blue, go ahead and stay in your pyjamas - we'll catch up over Teams when duty calls.

Why Our Team Chose Accredify

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