G20 Digital Innovation Network 2022: Accredify's Winning Pitch

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Accredify was awarded one of the Top Startups at the first-ever G20 Digital Innovation Network (DIN) 2022, launched as part of the G20 Digital Ministers’ Meeting in Bali.

Read on for the winning pitch presented by Accredify’s CEO and Co-founder, Zheng Wei, to a panel of esteemed judges which included Paula Wang, Managing Director, App Developer Business, APAC, Google, Ricky Kapur, Head of Asia Pacific, Zoom, Dini Indrawati Septiani, Country Director, AVPN.

The Winning Pitch:


The Judging Criteria

  1. Problem and solution
    Does the company provide a solution to a real and huge problem in the industry in a significant manner, and demonstrate high innovation value?

    i.e. The company caters to the essential problems in the market with extensive market validation, several international patents, or equivalent high innovation.

  1. Market potential
    Does the company have a strong uniqueness to win the market, growing for more than USD 1Bn, and provides a solution that the market is ready to utilise?

    i.e. The company has a strong uniqueness to be a leading player in the market that is ready to utilise the solution.

  1. Team experience
    Do the founders have relevant backgrounds in entrepreneurial, educational, and professional aspects, as well as leading sizeable teams, that would enable their startup to solve their business problems?

    i.e. All the team members have a strong background in terms of technical, educational, and professional experience in a relevant area.

  1. Traction
    Does the company have an ambitious target which is also followed by a clear plan and promising progress?

    i.e. The company shows a high valuation target followed by a coherent plan and promising progress.

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