Big verifiable data is the new age of analytics

Big data analytics have enabled organisations to optimise performance like never before. Yet, we know that not all data is high quality or trustworthy.

Verifiable data is the new standard for big data analytics, where every data point is authenticated and true-to-source. Over the years, big data analytics have created tremendous growth even with inaccurate data – now imagine the possibilities with verifiable information. 

Our solutions are driven by verifiable data, and built with analytics, to empower our users with meaningful and actionable business insights. 

Reduce operational cost


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Dashboard Analytics

Uncover trends and insights relevant to your organisation. Review how many trusted digital documents you have issued over time, and how many of those were verified.

Benefits at a glance

Visualise your organisation’s trusted digital document issuance volume

Review verification and engagement statistics on your trusted digital documents

Gain a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and industry trends

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Your recipients can conduct a skill-gap analysis on Accredify Passport. By comparing their existing skill sets and qualifications against those required for theirdesired career role,  Accredify Passport helps them identify and bridge knowledge gaps to advance their career. Accredify Passport also broadens perspectives on potential career options by recommending suitable job roles that they are on track to be qualified for.

Benefits at a glance

Intuitive education and career path mapping tool

Clarity on career progression  

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Job and Course Recommendations

If you are an educational or training institution, you can share your course offerings with an ecosystem of learners beyond your organisation’s reach. Accredify Passport recommends courses provided by our partners to help users address skill gaps holding them back from their dream career role.​

Benefits at a glance

Drives brand awareness and course enrolments for training and education providers

Promotes learner mobility and incentivises upskilling

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We Take Security Seriously

Your privacy and security are our top priorities

Learn more about our stringent approach towards protecting your data, such as our ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018 certifications, IMDA Data Protection Trustmark, CSA Star Level 1, and robust security management programme which includes a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS).​

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