Build digital trust for your organisation with
verifiable data.

Create, issue, and manage verifiable digital documents – all in one place. 
Simplify the exchange of digital identity and data whilst augmenting trust in your organisation with Accredify’s globally recognised and award-winning technology, TrustTech.

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The need for verifiable data

Our society is powered by data shared through digital channels, but not all information can be relied on. With the rise of AI-driven deepfake data and documents, establishing digital trust in their services has become essential to every organisation.

The world is experiencing a crisis of trust where individuals, businesses, and governments globally are experiencing the consequences of a rise in unreliable information.

However, legacy systems of information sharing face a trade-off between accessibility and security. Enhanced accessibility means relaxing security protocols, opening more avenues for malicious actors to obtain and tamper with sensitive data.

But protecting data authenticity has resulted in complex document sharing processes or the formation of organisational data silos, impeding trusted information exchange between entities and individuals across the globe.

How Accredify's TrustTech Helps Augment Digital Trust

TrustTech allows users to create and issue documents or credentials that are tamper-proof and instantly verifiable.
Verifiable data is now the world’s most important currency that empowers organisations to meet the modern demands of secure information exchange.

Reassurance and reliability of information

Verifiable data allows individuals, businesses, and other stakeholders to engage in personal and professional interactions and transactions confidently with the knowledge that the information they have received is true-to-source and tamper-proof.  

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Enhanced productivity

Traditional data sharing and verification methods which are complex and costly can now be streamlined and automated with verifiable data. TrustTech guarantees process integrity while providing audit trails for added accountability.

Data Portability and Systems Interoperability

TrustTech is powered by decentralised ledger technology, which allows issued documents and credential to be stored in a portable, system-agnostic format. This allows organisations to unlock new frontiers of secure data exchange whilst allowing seamless information sharing across once disparate data silos.

What We Offer

By harnessing verifiable data in the creation, verification, and management of documents and credentials, 
TrustTech enables entire business ecosystems to work with true-to-source information.

Document Creation

Create verifiable, tamper-proof, privacy-preserving digital documents, and automate the issuance of these documents to your recipients.

Document Verification

Your verifiable documents can be instantly authenticated with a QR code scan or by a drag-and-drop online verifier portal.

Document Management

From scheduled reminders and revocation, to everything else in between, work is made easy with our end-to-end digital document lifecycle management dashboard and verifiable identity wallet called Accredify Passport.


Gain a deeper understanding of your business and industry, by discovering actionable strategic insights powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with our solution.

How Accredify Helps

Our solution enables you to unlock the benefits of verifiable data, turning current and future business challenges into growth opportunities.


Make business decisions confidently with the reassurance of immediately verifiable, true-to-source data.

and privacy

Experience true data ownership and privacy. Choose to share only what's required with others, securely.


Roll out our enterprise-grade solution across your organisation and revolutionize your current ways of working at scale.


Easily power up your processes with our application-agnostic solution through API integration.


Streamline complex processes with
automation for greater operational efficiency.

Future-proofing Businesses

Prepare your organisation for the future by establishing automated and efficient processes driven by verifiable information.

Multi-standard Flexibility

With Accredify, you can issue documents and credentials in multiple internationally-recognised technical standards, such as W3C, EBSI, mDL, SMART Health Card, OpenCerts, OpenAttestation, OpenBadges, and more!


Build digital trust in your products and services with our customisable solution that can be applied to any organisation, regardless of industry.​


Move beyond the inefficiencies of data silos
by enabling the seamless sharing of information across stakeholders and systems.

The Applications Are Endless

Our solution is comprehensive, yet flexible enough to be used across industries.

We Take Security Seriously

Your privacy and security are our top priorities

Learn more about our stringent approach towards protecting your data,
such as our ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018 certifications,
IMDA Data Protection Trustmark, CSA Star Level 1, and robust security management programme which includes a comprehensive Information
Security Management System (ISMS).

You're in Good Hands

Did we mention that Accredify works with global leaders too?
You can rest easy knowing that we are trusted by some of the most reputable companies worldwide.

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